When Your Best Wasn’t Enough: Recovering from a Tough Test

You studied, you made flashcards, you went over the study guide over and over and still, your teacher returned an exam with a less than desired score. Instead of letting the results get you down, refuse to accept defeat!

Use the graded exam to learn from your past mistakes. Do you notice any trends about what you got wrong? Is there a particular concept you struggled to execute?

Ask your teacher for extra practice, such as a pretest, before and after the exam. Teachers will often have older versions of the exam to use as a practice test before the graded exam. Take advantage of these and you’ll increase your skill and your teacher will be impressed at your extra effort.

Ask for a re-take. Teachers are sometimes willing to re-administer a test if some circumstance prevented you from performing fully on your test.

Review our test-taking and test-anxiety articles. They provide some insight about how to take on your tests with confidence.

Practice self-affirmation. Tell yourself as much as needed that your test performance doesn’t define your character. There’s much more to you than a grade.

Participate in a favorite hobby to relax and unwind.

Remain positive. Tests, though a major portion of your grade, have a tendency to average out. Ask for your professor to discount your lowest test grade.

Seek extra support. It may take an extra set of eyes to identify why you’re having trouble executing on your tests. Besides, having a study partner will ramp up your ability to process learning by remaining consistent and accountable to a schedule. Need a boost? Contact AHCS for personalized tutoring.

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