Am I Prepared for My Test? (Inventory)

Rank yourself on these inventory measures to evaluate how prepared you are for your test. Credit to LSU Center for Academic Success.


5- Always 4- Usually 3- Sometimes 2- Not Often 1- Never

  • I use a master to-do list to write out all the requirements for the test
  • I know and use my preferred learning style to process material
  • I attend class and listen to cues from my professor to understand what she finds important
  • I review course materials often (notes, concepts, problems, etc.)
  • I interact with material from class to move it from short term to log term memory
  • I take care of myself: I get adequate rest and eat healthily
  •  I conduct short, spaced study sessions through the week
  • I complete all work and required readings
  • I ask questions when I need clarification (classmates, teachers, text, etc.)
  • I utilize available resources: office hours, study groups, tutoring, supplemental instruction sessions, etc.
  • I know key concepts and vocabulary
  • I understand and apply concepts from my courses
  • I understand material well enough to explain it to someone else
  • I am familiar with the syllabi from my courses
  • I test my learning: I understand concepts well enough to not have to refer to notes or text
  • I use weekends to review weekly notes.


If your score is:

65-80 You are preparing well

40-64 You need a tune up!

16-39 You need some major adjustments

Focus on the 1s and 2s to start making improvements. You don’t have to do it all on your own. The tutors at AHCS are here to help. Contact us today.

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