Reduce Test Anxiety

Incorporate these strategies to reduce your test anxiety:

Create a pretest routine – Do something that will aid in preparing you to test. Prepare a hot tea, do deep breathing exercises, or make sure your pencils have sharpened tips. These sorts of sequences will subconsciously signal to your mind and body that it’s time to take a test. The regularity will be a reassuring activity to bring on feelings of calm and relaxation.

Take a pretest; Expose yourself to a testing environment – the more your encounter test-like environments before the day of the test, the less nerve wracked you’ll feel the day of.

Take care of your physical needs – Hydrate. Eat a snack. Breathe deeply. Get plenty of rest on the days leading up to the test.

Manage your time – Time your practice tests. Go to the next question or section if you have difficulty.

Limit the scope of your study – Rather than repeating the entire chapter, pare down what you will review through anticipating hat will be on the test. In order to anticipate what will be on the test, refer to your notes and study guide. Knowing exactly what to focus on will make your studies more manageable and less likely to produce anxiety.

Positive imagery – close your eyes and imagine a scene of triumph over your test. Imagining successful situations will make it seem more attainable.

Mindfulness / Progressive relaxation – Clear your mind of all your thoughts and focus on one part of your body. Start from your toes and work your way to your head. When you focus on a section of your body, tense it for 10 to 20 seconds, then relax. Complete a cycle through your entire body. This activity will help ease your tension and relax your racing thoughts.

See our article on test taking strategies of top testers.

Like mastering any subject, overcoming anxiety takes practice, exposure, and time. Need a coach through your test anxiety? Contact AHCS for a tutor!

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