Tutoring: First Steps

When you contact AHCS for tutoring services, there are a few responses you’ll want to provide:


For which grade level and subject(s) are you requesting assistance?

Relatively straightforward. For adult learners (continuing education), we may accomodate specialized subject materials.


What are your objectives for study?

Provide more details about your academic situation: in which areas have you had success? Can you describe why you struggle in particular areas? Have you utilized any other resources outside of the classroom, and to what effect? The more we know about why you’re seeking tutoring services, the better we can accomodate your needs.


What is your preferred study environment?

Would you rather a tutor help you study at home or would you rather meet at a cafe or library? In any case, be prepared with assigned homework, handouts, textbook, and any related course material.

We strive to create a calm, comfortable learning environment at each study session. To that end, we ask that you limit distractions from other family members (no interruptions, please), and technological devices, unless otherwise approved.


Want to make a group?

Bring a friend or two to study with and you’ll all enjoy a discounted group rate.


How often would you like to study?

We reccomend study appointments at consistent intervals, not just before tests, so that the brain has adequate resources to process learning material. Typically students choose packages that allow for 2-4 study sessions per week. An AHCS tutoring representative can assist you with choosing the right package for your schedule and needs.

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